"Transformation 2.0: What is it and who is involved?"

Greetings from the T-2 Ministry Team ("T2" is the abbreviation for "Transformation 2.0")!  Our Team is comprised of: Paul Wright (Team Leader), Sue Malone, Sandi Oakley, Burk Renner, Cathy Dafoe, and Pastor Cliff. We have been charged with the challenging task of guiding the transformation process at St. Luke of becoming a "missional church".  

Mission renewal requires a paradigm shift in all of us to move away from asking the "how to's" (How will we attract more people? How will we increase giving? How will we fill the sanctuary with more people?), and begin asking instead the challenging "who?" and "what?" questions (Who is St. Luke not currently reaching in our community that God is asking us to reach? What is God calling me to do in between Sundays that makes an eternal impact for His Kingdom?)

This transformation process cannot succeed if we are not focused on growing in our own spiritual lives.  I challenge you today to commit to the hard work and discipline of spiritual growth. The 7 Marks of Ministry are an excellent starting point to direct your spiritual growth:

Pray Daily.

Worship Weekly.

Read the Bible Daily.

Serve At and Beyond St. Luke.

Relate with Others to Encourage Spiritual Growth.

Give to God Sacrificially of Time, Talent, and Financial Resources.

Commit to Spiritual Leadership and Personal Integrity.

If you would like to learn more about how you can be an active participant of the Transformation 2.0 process at St. Luke, reach out to one of our T2 Team Members! You may also visit:

In Christ,

Paul Wright