There is something for every age in our Sunday School program which takes place on Sundays during the regular academic school year, 9 - 9:45am. All youth teachers are background checked and are Safe Sanctuary trained every two years. See the complete list of Sunday School classes here.

2 & 3 Year Olds

We keep the lesson short & sweet for our little ones. A short Bible story, craft and playtime in our safe and inviting nursery.
Curriculum: Sparkhouse

PreK 4- 5 Year olds

Active young ones enjoy interactive Bible stories, coloring pages, worksheets and creative crafts while bonding with peers.
Curriculum: Sparkhouse

1st & 2nd Graders

This busy class brings enriching Bible lessons alive. Children often dress up to learn Bible stories like “No Room In the Inn” or the “Marketplace”. This age group prepares for their 1st Holy Communion and receives a special student Bible upon completion of 2nd grade.
Curriculum: Customized by Teachers

3rd - 5th Graders

This age group is big on creating crafts that accompany each lesson. Prepare to be awed by what your child brings home.
Curriculum: Sparkhouse

6th - 8th Graders

This class supports student expression of their understanding of the Bible through art and word.
Curriculum: Collaborate, Sparkhouse and Live!

High School/ Rising Stars

The class is different from your average High School Sunday School class of the past. The curriculum & activities focus on the basics – the ABC’s: Avocation, Bible, Community. We rotate different types of Sunday School sessions based on our focus. On Avocation Sundays, youth have the opportunity to contribute their time and talents to something that calls them – their avocation. A vocation is the work you do because you have to; an avocation is what you do for pleasure, not pay. B days we focus on Bible lessons, and C days we connect with our church community with special guest speakers.
Curriculum: Customized by Teachers