As a child Advent was a special time in the church. Advent meant that Christmas was coming soon. Advent Wreaths and Calendars were visual reminders to count the days until Christmas. My favorite Advent Calendars had a door to open each day with a gift or chocolate inside.

      This year at St. Luke, we will be providing every person or family with an Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar will consist of a card for each day numbered one to twenty-eight, for the full twenty-eight days of Advent, ending on Christmas Eve. Each card will have a Bible verse or activity for you to complete for that day. Some of the activities are fun and light and others more serious, but all point us towards Emmanuel, God with us. 

      After reading and completing the day's activity, you can display the cards around a home Advent Wreath or pin them to a fabric-covered canvas for all to see. The art on each card for each day is unique and inviting. We will have extra Advent Calendars for you to give to friends as you invite them to Advent activities at St. Luke. You may also share the new Advent Video made for St. Luke on Facebook, or invite your friends to watch it on our website,

      It is our hope that this unique and beautiful Advent Calendar can inspire your family to take a deeper walk of faith this Advent Season. The season need not be just shopping and traffic; spend a moment each day meditating on the Advent Calendar and give thanks for your blessings and prepare your hearts for Christ.


Pastor Cliff