Shoe Drive Fundraiser



Are you cleaning out your closets?

Can you fill a bag with 25 pairs of gently worn shoes?

We know it's a strange request, but you can turn your family's trash into cash for the youth group by donating to St. Luke! These shoes will be used to support micro-business in 3rd world countries and in return our SLY will earn monies towards their summer youth trips. Imagine your shoes doing some good in another country where walking is the primary mode of transportation.

We'll take all sizes and all styles. They just can't have any tears, holes in the soles, or wheels. That means flip flops, baby shoes, boots, cleats, flats, sneakers, dress name it!

Please deposit your donations in the collection receptacle in the narthex. We need an average of 300 pairs coming in each week from now until the end of February to make this a successful fundraiser.

You can also help us spread the word on social media and to your neighbors!